Soy Isoflavone Plus 30 Days [Parallel Imports Product)

Fancl Soy Isoflavone Plus 30 Days [Parallel Imports Product) 30capsules

  • 1. Improve skin texture: Make skin smooth, delicate and elastic.
  • 2. Anti-aging: Prevent premature ovarian failure and delay menopause.
  • 3. Prevention of osteoporosis: promote women's absorption of calcium.
  • 4. It can regulate people's autonomic nerves and relieve tension.
  • 5. Improve immunity, reduce fat, improve body functions, etc.
  • 6. Promote the burning of neutral fat (triglyceride, accounting for 95% of body fat).
  • 7. To maintain normal female endocrine and bone health,
  • 8. Supplement the natural substances needed by the body to produce female hormones to maintain normal female endocrine.
  • 9. Helps regulate women's natural cycle and relieves anxiety caused by physiological changes in women.
  • [How To Use]
  • 1 capsule per day, after meals [Attention]
  • -
  • Please use this product strictly according to the instructions, and not overdose this product;
  • If side effects occur while taking this product, please do not continue taking it and consult a professional doctor.
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  • It is recommended not to mix with other complex energy-supply health products. If you have special needs, you should consult a professional doctor.
  • - This product cannot replace medicines; Do not replace this nutritional tablet with a balanced diet;
  • - A brand may adjust its product formula/ packaging/ odor/ texture/ etc. for the best performance among different region or countries. Therefore, parallel-imported goods may have differences in packaging/ language/ texture/ odor from local stores or from batch to batch. Please refer to the actual product and our products remain genuine.
  • - Some products may contain date of manufactured and/or storage life only. Please refer to the product’s original packaging for indication.
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Category Health
Brand Fancl
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Size 30capsules
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